It has become a popular opinion and now a fact that we are living in the age of information and communication technology. This technological revolution has majestically transformed all of humanity in all the areas from Economics & Finance to Education, from Medical Sciences to Military Sciences; technology is propelling mankind to new heights of control and power ever so with new inventions and innovations, and lightning-fast global communication.

As Pakistan is still a developing country, with typical socio-economic problems plaguing it, hindering its growth as remarkably resembling the other third world countries. Among many deficiencies, the high crime index is notable and that particularly of theft and assault (Burglary, Robbery, and Dacoit) kind has gone up generally.

This increment in theft incidences are primarily due to the increase flow of masses from rural areas towards urban centers who seek better standard of life and resources for themselves and their off springs.

Secondly, it’s closely followed by the poverty and inflation that has been the hallmark of Pakistan from late. And the latest pandemic of COVID 19 hasn’t helped at all in terms of welfare and has brought mass unemployment due to lockdowns. But as the theft crime index has gone up in recent times, so is the technological advancement.

So How can You Keep Your House Safe?

There are many new and accessible gadgets in the field of home and office security as before. Wireless CCTV monitoring cameras, mobile walkie-talkies, and automated alarms are all readily accessible at reasonable rates to help protecting one’s home from the nuisance and damages of crimes.

Not only the installations of CCTV cameras and alarms and related home security system provide the so much valued peace of mind to the house residents, simultaneously it deters the offenders: burglars and looters from attacking for their criminal actions could be recorded on video helping the law enforcers to trace and track them down.

At times when you look at your family, and take a glimpse of your home, you know that you want them to be safe, always out of loss way. When at work, you must expect to go back to a smiling

family, and to a home that is safe and sound. But as they say that hope should not be a strategy.

The ever-growing crime rates across the country reflect the bitter reality. Most people overlook to ignore and underestimate the need of taking efficient home security measures.

God forbid a burglary or theft crime takes place, it can lead to devastating consequences, both emotionally and financially. Now the financial loss may be recoverable, but the trauma inflicted on your family and yourself may leave the scars blemishing your happy life.

That’s why it’s advisable to take a minute and think about this; is this loss worth the risk taken?

According to a report conducted at a local university, every 15 seconds, a home burglary takes place. With the growing crime rate all across the cities and towns of Pakistan, one cannot ignore the consequences if unfortunately, anything happens. Everybody wants their family and home to be shielded from any burglars or any intrusions, or natural disasters happening.

So a good home security system which not only provides evidence after the happening but also detects an event beforehand becomes really important to protect your home, valuables, and your loved ones, not only burglary, but the home security system can also be used to always keep an eye on everything happening at the place.

Round the clock and remote monitoring is possible with just a click on the phone. Any notable or unusually suspicious event can be tracked from anywhere in the world by setting up the right equipment.

It is always better to stay safe by bracing and protecting, rather than dealing with regret and remorse afterward. Looking for a safe and secure residence is also one of the ways you can protect yourself and your families from falling into a trap of these crimes. Aetmaad the trusted Real Estate Brokerage house is fast progressing to become a noteworthy and reliable group catering to the exact needs of its customer, both benefitting and satisfying them.

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