If you think it’s a straightforward task you just might be wrong. Actually, the fact is that building a 5 marla house requires smart planning. You need to hire a skilled and reliable team of people that include laborers, and choose the right construction materials to be used, work on the design and layout of the house and plan your finances accordingly to achieve your target.

For your ease and convenience, we have brought a complete cost breakdown of the construction cost of a typical five marla house. So, without further delay and ado, let us take a glimpse at the thorough analysis of the budget for a 5 marla house in the current year of 2021.


If you’re wondering how much money goes into the whole of the construction of a 5 marla house in 2021, then continue on to read this piece.


The covered area for a double-storied, 5 marla house is nearly 1900 sq. ft.

The first floor and second floor each have a covered area of 850 per sq. ft. There are three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and two kitchens.

House Construction Cost:

To enhance and complete the construction, Tiles are usually employed for flowing purposes in the house. Most people also prefer marbling. Let’s make it easier for and divide the construction cost into parts:

  • Building the grey structure 
  • Finishing off the house

Therefore, to lay the foundation of a 5 marla house, you need to firstly able to construct the grey structure.

So, How Much Does A 5 Marla House Construction Cost? 

In order to build the grey structure of a 5 marla house, major construction materials needed are bricks, bajri, cement, sand, and safety grills. Plus Electrical wiring, plumbing, and the installation of the main gate are also included in the grey structure costs.

Firstly the labor cost is of the utmost importance when building a house so we will discuss it first.


Typically laborers who work under contractors usually stay with a project from beginning to end. So to ensure that the clients, therefore, don’t have to worry about workers leaving suddenly, the idea of direct dealings with the contractor suits both parties and this partnership are most likely to work out. 

What is important here is that the labor cost is highly dependent on the time duration required for construction. 

Total estimated cost of house construction in 2021 is different for each city in Pakistan. For instance, for a double-unit 5 marla house, the labor cost is around PKR 400 per sq. ft. which would take the total amount to around PKR 750,000.

Now bear in mind that this is the general labor cost and it does not include the labor required to paste tiles, in woodwork, or in placing the windows and doors.

Labor Cost = PKR 750,000


Please note that the construction cost of a 5 marla house also includes costs in developing water supply, sewerage, gas, and drainage systems. This could be summed up and all of this is called plumbing work. Approximately, around 80,000 rupees is required for the plumbing of the house, including labor cost and materials.

The installation of electrical wiring is also an important component in house construction. The wiring in the house requires expertise and only a professional can do the job right.. Approximately PKR 70,000 are needed for the wiring of the entire house. And this includes both the labor cost and the related material that will be used.

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 150,000


Moreover, apart from the other construction costs of a 5 marla house, it also involves steelwork. The installation of steel items are required at various stages like Chaugat Steel that is used in making the door and window frames.

Though steel of around PKR 50 to 60 thousand is needed.

Moreover, you will definitely need to install safety grills. The budget you can set aside for this is around PKR 60,000 for the grills and around PKR 70,000 for the gate.

Cost of Grills, Gate, and Steel = PKR 178,000


That’s counted, other costs might include the installation of septic tank and the termite spray to help fumigation. One needs to build concrete walls using cement for the water storage tank. To sum it up approximately 12,000 rupees is needed to construct the overhead tank for storage related purposes.

For the sake of termite infestation before construction begins can really help you defend against unforeseen and possible claims in the future as they live in places where there is a high concentration of dampness and moisture that helps infection spread. Then approximately, PKR 20,000 is needed to ward off termite infestation.

Cost of Miscellaneous Items = PKR 32,000

Grey Structure Construction Cost For a Marla House:

Keeping all the above listed costs in perspective, the total amount required to build the grey structure of a five marla house would be around PKR 2,670,900. That’s your budget for the basic structure. 


When constructing a double-unit 5 marla house , people usually go for tiles. Seeking good quality Master tiles are preferred in the high-end smaller houses. Here is a breakdown of the tiles that are used in a typical environment:

Around 150 tiles are needed to construct the flooring of the house at the rate of PKR 2,000. However this does not include the tiles for the terrace, garage or bathroom. The total cost of the flooring would be additionally PKR 336,000

60 Master tiles are needed to construct the bathrooms. The rate of the tiles is PKR 2200 sq. meter which would take the tiles expenses to around PKR 105,000.

That same marble is also used in building the staircases and elevation spots, and also in the kitchen’s countertop and grocery put shelves. For stairs you would need approximately PKR 70,000

As for the kitchen, PKR 30,000 is used to build shelves and lay the countertop.

Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 751,100

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