How To Buy A Property In Pakistan?

For many Pakistanis buying property is somewhat like accomplishing a lifetime mission of theirs. Actually, Property investment is the source to stack up a lot of profits, a stable income and eventually wealth in the long run. Owning property is a great potential to provide you with the many a fold returns of your invested funds. Therefore, it’s no question that buying property comes with many advantages and high returns with it, but it could be a different sort of investment. One wrong step or choice of yours can end up to many problems 

The process at times could become both hectic and lengthy, but it’s worth understanding and getting guided about how to legally and properly purchase a property in Pakistan. It comes to a point that it is just not signing few legal documents or reaching a perfect deal with a property agent. There are a lot of steps involved and factors to consider when buying property. It is therefore in best benefit of the reader to equip  with the knowledge of the whole process  and especially for newbies to safeguard themselves from frauds.

Buying property in Pakistan can be both a valuable and enriching experience if done in the right way. Do not just get carried away and overwhelm yourself with the thought, but there’s always a word of caution for new home or property buyers as it buying for the first time includes some risks and pitfalls which can be avoided very well with your wise selection of choices available in market.

Here we are going to list down some of the most basic formal and legal steps that are worth noting before you embark upon to  invest in real estate and buy your desired property.


Whether home or plot, property price can vary from one location to another. So it is best to ascertain the current prevailing rates that are circulating in the market. In order to achieve this purpose, get in touch with a bunch of property agents. You can enquire about market rate of a similar or same plot from various online property portals such as, and similar sources.


The property purchase agreement can take place at the time the buyer is absolutely sure of striking the deal and owning the property. For this sole purpose, the buyer and seller simultaneously submit an affidavit to list out the facts. There are two types of affidavits that are prepared in this situation:

A. Buyers’ affidavit

In the first part of affidavit the buyer confirms that he hasn’t yet paid any taxes due on the property and agrees to pay these. Further the buyer also agrees to make payment for any difference in development charges on demand if the property is in any new housing society.

B. Sellers’ affidavit

In this affidavit, the seller confirms of his ownership of the said property. He requests the society to cancel his allotment in favour of the new buyer. The affidavit also includes details of the buyer. Both of these affidavits are prepared on a judicial stamp paper worth a certain amount currently in place buy the court.

These document are prepared following a set pattern. They include personal details of both the buyer and seller, the exact date of agreement. Moreover, it also includes details of the settled price of the property itself. Finally, it may as well include a confirmation by the seller that the buyer has paid a part of the committed amount known in business jargon as ‘Biayana’.


When the deal process reaches its pinnacle point, the buyer is to make payment for the Property itself to secure it. Additionally,  he will be required to pay Stamp Duty that typically amounts to the property’s total price and if applicable any membership fees. It’s worth mentioning here is that some parties do not accept payment in cash or through personal cheques. Some instead want you to pay through a pay order or a bank draft for extra security or convenience. Please have these prepared and ready with you on the day of property transfer or registration. The pay order just might also has to be deposited in the specific branches of banks of seller’s choice.


Once the deal has been accomplished and the documents have been prepared,  it’s now time for both the parties to pay a reasonable commission plus fees to the agent. Real estate agents too dedicate themselves in the buying deal and follow through the process closely to ensure that their efforts get rewarded in a justly deserving manner.

They will most surely be present to guide you throughout the legal process as well because of their past experience. They will also keep you informed of any missing requirements or documents according to the needs. Hence, by all means a payment against their services and help is justifiably due at the end.


Property registrars offices often take three to seven working days to firstly register the particular property in the new buyer’s name and issue the complete registry of the Property. Alternatively, the buyer can receive it on an urgent basis that is only by making some extra payments to the office. These extra charges also vary from time to time.

Once you receive your registry,  keep it somewhere safe and secure. The process to re-issuance of  lost documents is both lengthy and time consuming and, trust us, you don’t want to go through that experience. So, what to do in a situation where you got no time on your hands but you need the best?

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