House for Sale in Lahore

House for Sale in Lahore

If you look closely at House for sale in Lahore, many developers have built houses for both residential and investment purposes. Many of them have also constructed house in a way to target the lower middle class, middle class and the niche called the high class. The main purpose behind houses for sale in Lahore is that every person in Lahore gets a chance to purchase. Whether he belongs to the lower-middle-income level, middle-income level, or the higher-level income. It is for obvious reasons that these targeted house have different architecture, design, and lookout. According to the different houses being built, it is obvious that their payment plans also differ. Some are available on installment plans which are easily payable and some are in lump sum cash.

Many house for sale in Lahore are built-in societies as well as individually on the resident’s or investor’s own purchased land. But the most important of all is the location as mentioned above. A good house is if it’s located in a prime locality which has proximity to near necessities. Like the airport, hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. Aetmaad did thorough research on 3, 5 & 10 Marla House in Lahore and was pretty impressed by the increasing boom of this type of property and decided to further work on this. 

Hence, to better understand the houses for sale in Lahore, we will be discussing the above-mentioned factors in detail as follows:

  • Lower Middle Class
  • Middle Class
  • Higher Class targeted houses:

Lahore has been a huge hub of the property. Wherever you go, you see many dealers and property consultants on your way. But here at Aetmaad, we only sell authentic 3 Marla , 5 Marla and 10 Marla house  in Lahore and that is why we are trusted real estate company in the market. After conducting thorough research, we found out that many developers have shifted to the Lahore side of the property. Over here, you can see all types of houses for sale for different income and class levels. If you talk about the lower middle level Ashiana Housing Scheme is a society where they have built uniform houses for this target group.

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If you see Askari Housing Scheme, they have built wonderful houses for sale such as 3 marla house in Lahore for sale & 5 marla house for the middle-level income level. The higher class of people always dream of shifting to big luxury houses and for them, Defence was built with well-constructed houses and villas. But if you talk about individual houses or searching houses for sale in Lahore that is built outside societies, there are many small to luxury houses built in areas like Defence, Gulberg, Cantt, and Johar Town. All these satisfy the needs of these group levels.

House For Sale in Lahore

Architecture, design, and overall look out of House

This is one of the most unique factors which attract many customers. As mentioned above, there will certainly be different architecture, design, and overall look-out houses which is significant in terms of living standards. Aetmaad collected some pictures of these targeted factors.

Payment plans

It is obvious that the prices also may differ according to the different sizes of houses and according to their target market. Aetmaad gathered some information on this after thorough research. We found out that the prices of the Ashiana Housing Scheme which target the lower middle level ranges from PKR 11,99,00 to PKR 15,99,000 for all 1 bed and 2-bed houses of sizes 500sq area to 700sq area. If you talk about Askari Housing Scheme Lahore, their prices range from 1 crore to 2 crores for 1 bed and 2 bed whereby, the 3 bed and 4-bed prices range from 2.5 crores to 3.5 crores. The 5-bed house here costs you around 4 crores to 4.5 crores. If you talk about Defence, the 1 Kanal villa costs you around 6.5 crores. the 2 Kanal villa costs you around 11 crores which are targeting the upper level.

Prime location

Wherever you go to Lahore, you will find different houses for sale built on both your right and left. But what matters is its location. Lahore offers you many houses located in areas close to the airport like Askari 10. Many houses are located near the hospitals like DHA phase 5, many houses are located near universities like DHA Raya, and many houses are located near shopping malls like DHA phase 6 and DHA phase 8. We believe one thing that houses sold in Lahore are on all prime locations and are meant to be sold for different target markets.

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Nothing feels this good than having your own house where you could spend your life with your family safely and comfortably. Just imagine! Having your own house in Lahore located at a prime location where you could not only get all the necessities but amenities and luxuries too.  Owning a house in Lahore in the metropolitan area of Lahore can be very profitable in various ways. You can get up-to-the-minute facilities on hand e.g., a safe living environment, smart housing schemes, modernly constructed shopping malls, and much more. What’s even better? You can promise a secured future for your children considering one of the best educational institutes and best employment options that Lahore offers.    

You might be hovering over various real estate investment sites to fulfill your dream of a luxurious living. Just don’t fall prey to the black sheep boasting first-grade services at inexpensive rates. Keep remembering that “the best things in life don’t come for free”. The good news is your hunt for the best houses for sale in Lahore should come to an end here. This is because Aetmaad is here to offer you the best help. We are going to tell you the reasons to choose us, explore 3 Marla House for Sale in Lahore, 5 Marla House for Sale in Lahore and 10 Marla House in Lahore for Sale with Aetmaad Real Estate Company.

House for sale in Lahore

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To provide you with the best of our real estate services in Lahore, we always do thorough research so you could get the best value for your price. We also keep an eye on the latest trends in the real world to provide you with up-to-the-minute services only.

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