LAHORE nowadays is a perfect city to start a new office in. With newly built and erected infrastructure and transportation services available to masses, coupled with new commercial buildings, Lahore is rightly been called as a city as if in Europe.

Since Lahore is the hub to the latest worldwide developments in the field of Urban and Community Management, it has added the value of the country’s economy over all. 

If you are someone who plans to establish a corporate space on the city of Lahore, this article will guide you to the best location in the city for you to carry out your business activities/ 

We have handpicked some of the areas you should be looking for an office or you can contact a real estate marketing company like Aetmaad for the best advice right now! 

The introduction of modern designs in construction of houses, infrastructure and essential associated facilities in residential and commercial areas of Lahore, it has not only become of the most vibrant but energetic and well developed cities of Pakistan. 

We have found following commercial places in Lahore that serve perfectly to fulfill your dream office location in Lahore!


Gulberg City Lahore links many major roads and expressways including Ferozepur Road, MM Alam Road, and Canal Road which is a favorable factor if your work requires a lot of travelling.

Traffic jams is yet another serious problem nowadays and to overcome that, work on a signal-free corridor that is designed to pass right through the middle of the neighborhood is underway.

The total area that Gulberg covers is divided into five individual blocks.

Commercial hotpots such as Ghalib Market and Liberty Market, it is a well-established urban center which is easily approachable from any part of Gulberg. 

Yet another facility for the residents of Gulberg is the availability of public transport. You can easily find the major bus stops including the Canal South Station of Metro bus Lahore are located three to six kilometers away from the main Gulberg Boulevard.

When looking for an office in Gulberg, you’ll come across some of the most well-developed infrastructures in the city. One such commercial residence is the Grand Square Mall. It is an excellent example of mixed-use development in Gulberg.

Not only does it offer apartments but retail outlets as well as ultramodern corporate spaces which you can utilize for your business.


BAHRIA Town is one of the most ultramod community in the City of Gardens. Bahria Town Lahore is equipped with the best infrastructures and state of the art advancements.

It is an ideal office location in the city of Lahore. You will find the best investment options and that too in a pocket friendly budget. 

The neighborhood has many blocks dedicated for both commercial and business purposes.

If you want to establish an office in Lahore, you must check out this commercial zone. To be specific, Sector C is where you should exactly looking. 


This real estate project is one of Bahria’s most affordable ones. Here you get high-end infrastructures at an affordable price tag. Bahria Orchard is one of the most loved office location because of state of the art urban development pattern as well as a master planned community.  

It is designed on an eco-friendly pattern so you will get to see it lush all year round. Plenty of open spaces, green belts and urban open spaces is all you should be expecting here. 

With ongoing developments and inter-city migrations, more and more suburbs like Bahria Orchard are gaining the attention of business investors. 

This is the best time for you to look for an office in this area, location is one of the major factors why you should invest here.

This has also increased it’s commercial value being on the 

main Raiwind Road. It is of strategic importance as it connects the neighborhood with many major roads in Lahore.

If you are planning to buy an office in Bahria Orchard, you’ll come across investment options mostly in

mid-rise buildings.


DHA Business Hub is located at Commercial Broadway Phase-VIII, DHA Lahore. 

This project is still in the process but once in it’s full form, it is predicted to enhance the business potential in this area. It has got the perfect architecture and atmosphere all set to establish your office or shop. This is another great investment option for you! 


DHA Penta square phase – V is an epitome of trade and business administration. You will come across luxurious apartments and a well sustained building for residential; purpose. This is a great option for you if you wish to run your business and reside in the sample place. The extravagant shopping mall and sixteen offices located on different floors offers a wide range of recreational activities. 

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