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What is AMP?

Aetmaad Membership Program aka AMP is a membership model of, Pakistan’s Leading Real Estate Marketing Company, specially designed for people who are willing to get monthly income, in this model we are offering Exclusive Membership in the Firm to become a part of its success journey. Having a membership means you will be earning a certain amount of Income every month and will be eligible for annual profit.

What is AMP?

Aetmaad Membership Program aka AMP is a membership model of, Pakistan’s Leading Real Estate Marketing Company, specially designed for people who are willing to get monthly income, in this model we are offering Exclusive Membership in the Firm to become a part of its success journey. Having a membership means you will be earning a certain amount of Income every month and will be eligible for annual profit.

Benefits of Membership

How does it work?

You can start earning a Lucrative Monthly Income in just 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Sign up for Membership by just
filling out the Membership Form
and Submit it. Upon Approval you'll
get a Certificate of Membership.


Once Membership is Approved, Choose a Portfolio and deposit an Amount of your choice. The amount must be equal to or more than the Minimum Initial Deposit.


Now you are Eligible for earning Monthly Income. The Amount of Monthly Income depends on the Portfolio you choose and Amount you Deposit. You can always Top Up your Deposit to increase amount of Monthly Income.​


At the end of every month, you'll get a payout of your Profit in your provided verified Bank Account. And you'll also be provided with Annual Profit at the end of Year from Company's Profits.

What is a Portfolio?

Portfolio is an Asset you purchase after becoming the Member with AMP (Aetmaad Membership Program) which gives you a certain percentage of your portfolio value as monthly income which you can withdraw every month. For Instance you Buy a Portfolio of 4% and deposit Rs. 100,000, this means you will now get 4% of Rs. 100,000 every month. You can increase the Value of the Portfolio anytime by just filling a Top Up Form. Since the Portfolio is a Digital Asset, you can Transfer it to any other member of AMP or sell at your desired value. 


Choose a Portfolio and start Earning Monthly
Income right away!
4% per Month
  • 4% Monthly or 48% per Annum
  • Annual Profit Applicable
  • Referral Rewards
  • Minimum Deposit Rs 100,000

Who is this for?

This model is for every single person who wants to make their money work for you. If you managed your money smartly you can make wealth as even wealthiest people end up becoming broke if don't manage the money smartly. Now what's the Smart way?

Rather than keeping your money in Bank and letting it depreciate with time is thing of past now and people wonder after a year how they lost money without using it? That's because of currency depreciation. Instead of stocking the money to lose its value how about putting it at work and let it earn more for you? That's exactly what this model does, "Make money from your money".

Instead of Keeping money in bank, invest with AMP and start earning monthly income which could possibly solve the most common issues we are facing due to increasing inflation.

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Most frequent questions and answers

1) You can withdraw your Capital once a year, which means you’ll be getting Monthly Income on your Capital every month, and after a year you’ll be provided with Annal Profit and your can also withdraw your Capital after a year.

2) Your Portfolio is Sellable/Transferable. You can sell your Portfolio to any member of AMP at your desired value or you can Transfer it to any AMP member as well hence recovering your Capital.

Since the Profit is not fixed, overall you are getting a return in a combined form of Monthly Income (fixed) and Annual Profit (variable/not fixed). You are buying a Portfolio which gives you Monthly Income and Annual Profit, so Annual Return is not Fixed. This variability makes it halal by all means

We channelize your Portfolio amount in our real estate projects, as our core strength is to sell projects at fast pace maintaining product face value. This let us enable to generate such wonderful profits at company level which we share with our AMP Members.

After buying a Portfolio, if you want to increase your Monthly Income, you can simply increase the amount of your Portfolio by using the Top Up option. For Instance your bought a Portfolio of 4% and deposited 50,000 you’ll get Monthly Income on this amount i.e 4% of 50,000. If you want to increase Monthly Income, just Top Up more money in addition to previous 50,000.

Yes company can Terminate a members Portfolio. In case if company terminate your Portfolio, company is bound to Pay you Book Value of your portfolio.

Company offers to withdraw your Capital Amount once a year. If you want to withdraw your capital amount before, you can always Sell your Portfolio to any existing AMP member. is registered with FBR.

You can also download our Sample Legal Document here

Terms and Conditions

It is advised to go through them once.

  1. A Membership Form along with Portfolio Form is required to be filled to request membership, whereas upon approval member will be given a unique membership ID consisting of seven digits, this also requires to fill all fields in membership form, any blank or wrong filled field would result in cancellation or temporary form block.
  2. Company will announce portfolio withdrawal once in a year anytime as per company policy.
  3. Company is only liable to pay the monthly return and yearly profit amount in the member’s personal bank account only. (As per legal Name) As mentioned in Form & ID card.
  4. On refund of portfolio the member will not be eligible to claim yearly dividend.
  5. At the time of buying portfolio with “”, it is member’s discretion to nominate the nominee (legal heir, in case of expiry of membership holder it is required for nominee (legal heir) to bring succession certificate to claim transfer of member’s ownership and 0.50% transfer fee is applicable.
  6. Company will pay monthly return and yearly profit to all members as per their portfolio.
  7. Members cannot claim refund of their portfolio however they can transfer the portfolio to any one in open market at will.
  8. Company “” do reserve the right to terminate a portfolio at any time where in that case company is liable to pay book value of the portfolio to the current membership holder.
  9. Portfolio Application Form along with Pay Order, Bank Draft shall be submitted in favor of “”.
  10. In case a member decides to transfer his /her portfolio to anyone in such case Transfer Charges will be applied at the rate of 1.00% of portfolio value, alongwith NOC from seller.
  11. An existing member can also refer someone to buy membership from “” mentioning his /her unique membership ID, in such case 1.00% of initial deposit will be rewarded to the member in his /her monthly payouts. (Once Only)
  12. Members will be paid their monthly return on 1st week of every month, in case if a member joins in mid of the month or may increases its portfolio size during the month, they will be paid their monthly return divided by the number of days, where as an increased amount in portfolio will be treated the same way.
  13. A formal TOPUP Form alongwith payment proof is required for the increase in portfolio size, and acknowledgement of increase in portfolio size will be given to the member from “
  14. In case of change of address, it is members’ responsibily to initiate with else available address shall be deemed valid and final.
  15. In case of any dispute arising whatsoever between the parties hereto, the matter shall be decided by the sole arbitrator which will be an authorized officer of properties, whose decision is bound to be applied on both parties.
  16. Company is only responsible /liable to pay profits /dividends /transfer /withdraw to member ONLY.
  17. Company will only entertain safe return of documents (membership Form / Portfolio Form & Other related ownership).
  18. Maturity period is 12-months.
  19. For any further information or inquiry please contact via company official email:
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