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    Aetmaad Trading

    Current Trading Rates

    Project: Zaitoon City (Tulip)

    File Purchase Rate: 375,000

    BuyBack Rate: 450,000

    Duration: 120 days

    Valid For: 5 Marla 

    Learn more about Aetmaad Trading, How you can earn upto 18.75% ROI with us in just 120 Days! 

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    Aetmaad Trading

    Current Trading Rates

    Project: Zaitoon City

    File Purchase Rate: 300,000

    Reselling Rates: 350, 000

    Duration: 120 days

    Valid For: 5 Marla 

    How Aetmaad Trading Works?

    Earn Highest Profits in Real Estate Market | Upto 16.66% ROI

    How does it feel to get a plot worth Rs.350, 000 in just 300,000? Oh, Yes! You save Rs. 50000 on that purchase.

    Now, if you resell that same plot at Rs.350, 000, will it make you happier? No one would say “No” to this type of trading!

    This is what we call real estate trading in which you buy a plot at lower price to resell at the market rate.

    But what’s the guarantee of reselling your plot at higher rate? This is where comes into the picture.

    You buy a plot from us at a price lower than market and sit back and relax. We will resell it on your behalf and get you a higher price of your product.

    On Which Project Are We Offering our Tradinng Services?

    One of our biggest project, 5 Marla plots in Zaitoon city fall under our trading services. You can buy 5 Marla plots from us for as low as 300,000 pkr and we will resell them for you at a higher rate that is 350,000 pkr.

    Maturity Period:

    How long will the reselling process take? Well, it will take around 90-120 days. Just put your trust in us and save Big.

    Eligible Projects

    Zaitoon City

    Available on Easy Instalments

    The pioneer of high-rise infrastructure, Zaitoon group, has to offer you something really lucrative that is none other than Zaitoon City.

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