When it comes to trust and credibility, Aetmaad is your go-to! Having served in the real estate industry for a decade, we have the skills to cater to all your needs. Are you a buyer looking for a house for sale in Lahore? You can put your matter in the hands of Aetmaad, a real estate marketing agency in Lahore who will get it all sorted for you!

Most people come to us to buy or sell apartments in Lahore. As you know, Lahore is a developing city; you will see a new high rise every alternative month.

Here comes the problem! As the concept of minimalism is revolutionizing, more and more people want to move to apartments because of their budget or the ease of manageability that comes with compact spaces.

However, when it comes to selling an apartment or even buy it, frauds are very common. Either from the buyer’s end or the seller’s end.

Since Aetmaad has been in practice when it comes to property dealing, buyers and sellers who contact us are always on the broad end of the spectrum. Everyone wants to own a luxury residence, so we thought, why not make it an easy process for our clients! Here are some reviews you might want to see so you can build your trust in us!

Buyer Reviews

  1. Being a bachelor, and moving to a new city, it has not been easy for me to locate an apartment in Lahore near my work place until I came across Aetmaad. I spoke to their property specialists and put forward all my concerns to which they took all the notes. I was contacted again in a day and shown a couple of aartments which were in accordance with my expectations! Within a week I bought the apartment and the transaction was super smooth! Thanks Aetmaad! –Ahmad Ali
  • My family and I were looking for houses for sale in Lahore since we decided to relocate. I tried to hunt down many houses but they either cost too much or were not at the idea location. I then contacted Aetmaad, a real estate marketing company in Lahore through their Facebook page. They showed me some house options and I picked my dream house! I am so glad I contacted Aetmaad, the contract and paperwork was very clear. I was told in depth about the house I was buying, I inspected the house and even got my family to see it! Aetmaad made the process so easy! Highly recommended! – Tariq Mahmood
  • Since I run my own business, my days are always occupied. I wanted to buy an apartment in Lahore but never got enough time to search. I searched up the internet many times but even after 6 months I could not make any decision. My business partner then told me about Aetmaad. I visited their office in Lahore for this purpose and their specialists guided me very well. The current value for apartment, reliable sellers and what I should expect. I handed the matter to Aetmaad and within a week I had multiple feasible options to pick from! I am so pleased! It got my apartment at a reasonable price tag and I did not have to spare much time from my business as well! Thanks Aetmaad! – Umair Ali Sagir-Resident of Sargoda
  • I was worried about finding an authentic seller and property. I recently had a bad experience so I wanted to find someone trustable for the dealing. When I contacted Aetmaad, they not only guided me well but showed me very reasonable houses! I found my ideal property in 2 weeks! Incredible! Keep up the good work Aetmaad! –Baseerat Ali Khan- DHA phase 5 Lahore

Aetmaad real estate marketing company in Lahore employs a dedicated team who work round the clock to create feasible deals and offers for it’s clients. We at Aetmaad make sure you are getting your hands on the best property at the best the best rates. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we got something for everyone.

Our target is to help you reap maximal benefits from your capital because we know how much it means to you!

We pick the best for you according to your requirements and needs so before you get into any property dealing business, remember to get in touch with an experienced real estate agency like Aetmaad “Kyun keh aetmaad zaroori ha”

We help you make your dreams into reality!